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Niveau AP: La beauté et l'esthéthique dans les arts

1. Please prepare to lead a discussion on the following questions.
a. Define "beauty and aesthetics in the arts"
b. What are some examples of beauty and aesthetics in the arts?
c. How does beauty and aesthetics impact the individual?

2. In your discussion, be able to provide specific examples from each the following:
a. France - 10 students
b. French-speaking country (countries) in Africa - 10 students
c. French-speaking country (countries) in the Caribbean - 10 students

3. Take notes! You can work with a partner while you do the research - each person is to have his/her own copy of the notes.

4. Next week, we will read La parure

5. Complete story exercises.

6. Make a boardgame. Object of the game: The winner attains aesthetic beauty.