French like to play board games called: "Les jeux de société."

Before you make your own board game, explore some online interactive games and get ideas.

1.Try Digital Dialects and see how much French you already know! Play at least 10 (ten) games.Review basic vocabulary, infinitives, to be and to have.

2. Jeu de l'oie is located at http://jeudeloie.free.fr/plateau.htm//
In this game there are 4 levels of grammar and vocabulary understand. At which level are you able to guide the goose home most quickly?

Let's focus!
3. Create a list of ten vocabulary words for each of these health issues:
a, L'importance d'une bonne alimentation
b. Les effets de l'exercise physique
c. Les effets de l'alcool
d. Les effets des drogues

4. Either write a definition for each word in French OR draw a picture OR print out a picture

Helpful PPTS:
1. www.sciencebio.com/MetaboEx**Physique**.ppt

2. www.univ-reunion.fr/vieetudiante/sante/diet.**ppt**

3. http://sbssa.discip.ac-caen.fr/spip.php?article87

4, Copy and paste the following: