Les hommes préhistoriques

1. Click on the link, Lascaux. Travel through the caves of Lascaux, France. Let the entire video transport you under the earth in France.
2. Find a map of France online, print it out. Please draw on the map where the caves of Lascaux are located.
3. Go back to the video. There is a side toolbar on the left. Go to "Visite de la Grotte." Pick out one of the areas within the cave and watch it again.
a. La salles des taureaux
b. Le diverticule axial
c. Le passage
d. La nef
e.Le diverticule des félins
f. L'abside
g. Le puits

4. Prepare a presentation about your part of the cave.
a. Tell us a story about life during those times.
b. Use the vocabulary from last week : les armes et les outils, les arts et croyances, l'habitat, l'alimentation, la chasse, le feu...
c. You may work in groups of two.
d. When you present, you will be showing that section of the cave on the SmartBrd, while it is shown, you will be narrating your story. You can make your story fictitious as in "Au temps des mammouths" or you can use a historical approach. The choice is yours.
e. Please refer to the presentational rubric to see how you will be assessed.

Additional vocab links:
Les armes et les outils


Les arts et croyances

L'alimentation, la chasse, et la pêche

Le feu

L'évolution physique de l'homme