affiche_du_film.jpg After having watched and analyzed a few segments of Entre les murs, directed by Laurent Cantet (le réalisateur), it is now your turn to become “les réalisateurs” of Entre nos murs.

Select one of the following scenarios to portray with a group of your friends.
        • 1st day of school; the range of emotions felt by teachers and students
        • Teacher giving instruction; discipline problem arises; address the problem
        • Student presentations on L’autoportrait
        • Faculty meeting; discussion of issues; attempt to come to consensus
        • Parent/Teacher conferences
        • Discipline Committee addresses negative behavior of a student

Your final project should include:
Part 1
Ø Select one of the scenarios
Ø Prepare a 3 - 5 minute role-play videotaped in class
Ø Speak/Act comfortably without the use of notes
Ø Use creative props
Assessment: Refer to the presentational rubric

Part 2
Ø Prepare 5 questions to ask your viewers.
o Questions should engender a discussion
o Compare and contrast the way the scenario was handled in Entre les murs and Entre nos murs.
o Your discussion should lead to a comparison of the French educational experience portrayed in this film with your personal educational experience in EBHS.
Ø Playback your role-play
Ø Lead your animated discussion
Assessment: Refer to the interpersonal rubric